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Jones Rounds is a 2-part modality:
(1) Grand Rounds address foundational and cutting edge legal and ethical aspects of the ARTs.
(2) Interactive Case Rounds explore a timely, challenging inter-disciplinary issue through a case-based interactive presentation and discussion.


Presented by Susan L. Crockin, JD, Jones Grand Rounds address both foundational and cutting-edge legal and ethical issues surrounding the ARTs to give Ob/Gyn and REI learners a more robust understanding of, and ability to meet, the unique challenges of practicing ART medicine today. Typically 50-60 mins. including Q & A. 

Currently Available

  • Grand Rounds 1: “ART Law Today”: Facing the Legal and Ethical Challenges for IVF and ART Providers in a post-Dobbs/Roe world”
    Topics may include: informed consent; “legally speaking” what is an IVF embryo?; “divorcing embryos”; posthumous reproduction (access and parentage); fertility preservation and oncofertility; repro-genetics; new challenges from emerging technologies; and post-Dobbs impact on the ARTs.
  • Grand Rounds 2: “3rd Party ART: Legal and Ethical Challenges in Gamete Donation and Surrogacy Today”
    Topics may include: a gamete donation revolution (access, legal parentage and the death of donor anonymity); emerging issues in embryo donation; essential legal aspects and growing challenges in interstate surrogacy; and emerging 3rd party ART issues in a “Red state/Blue state” world.
  • Grand Rounds 3: “What’s in Your Tanks?” Legal and Ethical Issues in Storage and Disposition of IVF embryos Today”
    Topics may include: “unclaimed/abandoned” embryos; “Personhood” Laws impacts on IVF embryos; gamete and embryo mix-ups and losses; managing mosaic, segmental aneuploidy or ‘at risk’ embryos; and emerging impacts disparate state “personhood” and anti-abortion laws on IVF embryos in a post-Dobbs’ environment. 
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Interactive Case Rounds

Dynamic case-based learning modules on a specific inter-disciplinary topic designed to foster active engagement among participants and meet many ACGME requirements. Each module includes a short expert presentation on relevant background legal and ethical principles, case presentation, small and large group discussion, and wrap-up guidance for facing similar practice challenges. Designed for REI Fellows and ART Professionals, certain modules are adaptable for Ob/Gyn, Family Medicine, and other residency programs and professional settings

Currently Available

  • Skills for Navigating post-Dobbs Legal Minefields in ART: Addresses specific issues re: embryo use, storage and dispositions, surrogacy and other 3rd-Party ART arrangements and more.
  • Fertility Preservation/Oncofertility: The legal and ethical issues, interests and potential conflicts arising during a woman’s cancer diagnosis and urgent need to consider fertility preservation options.
    • Based on actual legal cases that reached contradictory conclusions.
  • Posthumous Reproduction: The legal and ethical issues, interests and potential conflicts following a man’s unanticipated death.
    • Identifies 4 impacted groups: the deceased; his surviving partner; his parents; and medical personnel called in to retrieve and preserve his sperm for future procreative use.
    • Based on court cases that reached opposite legal conclusions.
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Under Development

    • Embryo disposition: program preparedness and protocols
    • Surrogacy: understanding multiple patient dynamics and complex issues
    • Gamete and embryo donation
    • Repro-genetics
    • Same-sex patients
    • Transgender patients
    • Program specific suggested topics


“…Jones Rounds yesterday was one of the most engaging and interesting discussions and it sparked a lot of talk even today. This is a WONDERFUL didactic idea!!”
Eve Feinberg, MD, REI Fellowship Program Director; Associate Prof., Dept. of Ob/Gyn Northwestern U. Feinberg School of Medicine

“It was a great session… our fellows really enjoyed it and learned a lot… understanding the complexities of reproductive rights is an essential part of training the next generation of providers and a critical component of our own ongoing learning.”
Ruth Lathi, MD, Prof., Ob/Gyn; Director, REI Fellowship Program; RPL Program; Stanford University

 “Jones Rounds are superb-I am certain how pleased Dr Howard would be—far ranging impact.”
Thomas Toth, MD, Associate Prof. of Ob/Gyn and Reproductive Biology, Harvard Medical School; Founding Director, Massachusetts General Hospital IVF

Very unique educational opportunity, one of the only opportunities we’ve had to discuss
legal precedent

Thinking through the “beyond medical” – legal, ethical, human implications of these
extraordinary situations

National leaders in field giving very specific real-world examples and making one think
through this

Opportunity to consider complex medical and legal circumstances related to fertility
preservation in an intelligent, diverse discussion group

...very informative...will change how I counsel patients

practice changing

Dr. Jones interview on the origins of the ASRM Ethics Committee, 2015

Louise Brown, Susan Crockin, & Elizabeth Carr, 2017

The Origins and Development of Jones Rounds:

By Susan L. Crockin

The idea for Jones Rounds emerged as a means of bringing to a new generation of REI Fellows and others the legacy of IVF pioneer and visionary Dr. Howard W. Jones, Jr. (1910-2015), who always believed in learning through spirited, interactive and interdisciplinary exchanges of ideas.  Often called “the father of IVF” and a personally cherished mentor, “Dr. Howard” always challenged me–  as he did everyone he interacted with–  to think expansively and  beyond the present to the future “roads not (yet) traveled”  in reproductive medicine and science together with their impacts on law, ethics, and society.

Jones Rounds emerged as a two-part curriculum designed to impart that curiosity and passion for learning and advancing all aspects of the ARTs:  Part 1, Jones Grand Rounds, addresses these larger inter-disciplinary issues in a traditional setting for Ob/Gyn Departments and others.  Part 2, Jones Interactive Case Rounds, is designed as an intensely interactive “deep-dive,” where we problem-solve a complex case-based issue, using innovative techniques to draw out the often competing medical, legal, ethical, and psychosocial issues facing REI professionals and patients. These Case Rounds meet most ACGME didactics requirements.  

Both programs can be done in person or virtually. A virtual  Jones Interactive Case Rounds presents the opportunity for 2-3 fellowship programs to come together and learn not only from our content experts but other programs and leaders.

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